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Dear Guest,

A warm welcome to Astoria Hotel Gent. We are delighted to have you with us and will do everything possible to make your stay unforgettable. Therefore, your opinions and suggestions are very important to us. Should you notice any issues during your stay that require immediate action, please contact reception. We will do our best to solve the problem immediately.

Thank you for choosing us and we hope you have a pleasant stay.

Jeffry & Tara | Managers of Astoria Hotel Ghent.


Astoria Hotel

Touristic information

For all your questions about Ghent, transportation options, our services/facilities, you can always contact us:

TEL: 66

Our team at the reception will be happy to help you.

Ghent Highlights
Astoria Hotel

Non-smeeking rooms

Smokers are welcome downstairs in the garden, accessible from the reception or at each entrance.

If you would like a room with a terrace, please ask for a BRILLIANT ROOM or a SWEET ROOM. If you do smoke in the room we charge a supplement of 250 EURO.

Astoria Hotel


As a guest you can log in to our wifi network for free

Network: Astoria |  Password: astoriagent

On request you can have emails sent via our hotel, our address:

Astoria Hotel


We ask to check out at 11:00 at the latest. If you wish to check out later, you may request it at the front desk.

Late check-outs (not reported to our staff) will be charged a full room rate.

Astoria Hotel


If you would like us to pick up the luggage for you: TEL 66

The luggage can be kept free of charge after check-out at our reception between 8am-20pm

Astoria Hotel

Wake-up service

Using your phone, you can activate the wake-up service.

This is done as follows: Disconnect first, then press * and key in the number 7601. Continue by pressing the hour and minutes when you want to be woken up and finish with 0.

Example: hang up / * 7601 / 0735 / 0 / hang up (= wake-up service at 7h35)

Astoria Hotel

Laundry & dry cleaners

If you deliver laundry to the front desk before 9 a.m. you can pick it up the same day from 6 p.m. on. Please use the form located in the closet.

Astoria Hotel

Gift voucher

Astoria Hotel Ghent's gift certificates are suitable for any occasion. Ask about the possibilities at the reception desk, or make it immediately online via the link below. 


Request your gift voucher here !
Astoria Hotel

Low-emission zone

Astoria Hotel is located outside the low-emission zone. If you leave your car in our parking lot, you do not need to register your car.

Useful info if you want to reach the old town by car:

Ghent city center will be a low-emission zone from January 1, 2020. Tourists with foreign license plates must always register their car regardless of Euronorm and fuel type.


Check your vehicle here
Astoria Hotel


Since unfortunately the sun does not shine every day, Astoria Hotel provides umbrellas at the front desk for the price of €6.

Astoria Hotel