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Sleep softly

We have provided extra down and pillows, which you can find in the closet or in the bed case. Whether you like soft pillows or prefer some extra support, feel free to take the pillows with you. 

Each room features a TemPUR topper, which molds to the contours of your body and provides optimal support. Should you prefer to sleep hard, feel free to ask us to remove this topper. 

Sleep well! 

Astoria Hotel


At Hotel Astoria, we make sure you stay well hydrated during your stay.

There is a reusable glass bottle in the room, filled with delicious filtered water. This bottle is cleaned by us after every stay. If your bottle is empty, refill it for free at our water tap in our Food Corner | In love our glass bottles? You can buy one for a fee of 18 euro.

Furthermore, you will find free coffee and tea in the room.

For other drinks, head to our cosy Foodcorner (24/7), where you can find other paid drinks.


Astoria Hotel


Reception: 66

Outside line: press "0" first

Emergency call: RECEPTION or "0" + "112"

Astoria Hotel


A safe is available in the closet. Follow the instructions for use to lock or unlock it. 

Attention: please double check before departure that the safe is empty and leave it open for the next guest.


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Need a bathrobe?

Bathrobes are not provided as standard in the room, but they are available.

If you would like a bathrobe, ask at the front desk. 

Astoria Hotel

Housekeeping services

Every 48 hours the cleaning team comes by to clean your room. If you would like an extra cleaning, towels or anything else, just ask at the reception between 8am and 1pm. We are very happy to help you!

If you do not want to be disturbed, please hang the "DO NOT DISTURB" on your doorknob.

Will you help reduce our carbon footprint by reusing your towels? Great!

- on the hook : I reuse

- on the ground : please replace

Every step, no matter how small, helps the environment.

Astoria Hotel

Fire Safety

What to do in case of fire?

  • A fire plan is posted at the door; we recommend that you check it. 
  • If you notice smoke, inform reception and/or press a nearby fire alarm button (each floor/stairwell).
  • Leave your room, close the door and follow the escape route, NEVER take the LIFT! 
  • In case of fire, an audible alarm will sound.
  • Follow the instructions of the hotel staff and the fire department. 

Attention: it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms / corridor / the hotel


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