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Welcome to the breakfast club !

During the morning you can enjoy our fresh and extensive breakfast buffet, with home made products.

What can you find on our breakfast table?

  • home baked bread and pastries
  • fresh jam, variations in taste according to season
  • homemade chocolate spread, bread pudding, fruit yoghurt and kefir
  • French cheeses
  • charcuterie and cheese
  • homemade granola with figs, cranberries, all kinds of nuts, etc.
  • corn flakes and oatmeal
  • boiled eggs and scrambled eggs
  • orange juice, milk, coffee, tea or chocolate
  • different kinds of fruit, tomatoes, olives, etc.

When the weather is nice, breakfast can be taken in the garden. 
During colder days, our winter garden is the perfect alternative. 

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Gluten allergy

Whoever has a gluten allergy is welcome at our place as well. We serve gluten free bread rolls and pastries. The idea is simple: we strive to offer people with allergies an equal variety at the breakfast table, since our breakfast is on of Hotel Astoria’s strongest points.

Be advised: since we want to make sure that our products are fresh, we ask you to request these gluten-free pastries in advance during your reservation. 

Quote of the morning:
Today I feel like 
a cup of conviviality
A spoon filled with love
Two lumps of friendship
And a cloud of happiness