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City Card Ghent All-in: Experience Ghent to the fullest !

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Experience Ghent to the fullest with the CityCard 

During your stay at the beautiful Astoria Hotel in Ghent, you naturally want to make the most of the city. A great way to do this is by using the Ghent CityCard. 

This card offers numerous benefits, including access to museums, landmarks, and activities, all packaged in one convenient pass. The CityCard comes with a handy user guide, telling you where to go and how to get there. All the information is conveniently gathered in one place. 

You can easily purchase the Gentse CityCard at various outlets in the city:

  • tourist Information Office VisitGent
  • sales points of the Lijnwinkel Korenmarkt/Gent-Sint-Pietersstation
  • all participating museums and landmarks 

Upon arrival at the Astoria Hotel, you can ask the reception for the nearest places to purchase your CityCard. 

Astoria Hotel

The CityCard offers a myriad of benefits; it not only provides convenience but also significant savings. With the card, you can avoid individual entrance fees and take advantage of discounts on activities and guided tours. Think of places like Gravensteen, Belfry, MSK, S.M.A.K., STAM.

TIP: Every first Thursday of the month, you can enjoy your CityCard Gent for an extended period because most museums are open until 10 pm during 'Late Thursday'.

You can also enjoy a relaxing boat trip, hop on the "hop on hop off" water tram (every day from April 1 to October 31), or take advantage of free public transportation. 

Astoria Hotel

To avail of this all-inclusive package, you pay €42 or €48! This allows you to explore the city for 48 or 72 hours, respectively.

In the low season (November – March), you save almost €15.00, and in the high season (April-October), even more than €20.00. Most Gent museums are free for children under 12, so they don't need a City Card.

For each entry, the card is scanned, except on trams or buses. Therefore, you must fill in the start date on the back and show the card to the driver.

For more information about the City Card and the participating museums and monuments, you can find it here