Ghent’s circulation plan vs. the accessibility of Hotel Astoria = great combination

Since April 3th 2017 the new circulation plan will determine the traffic in Ghent. The city center has been divided into six sectors and a central restricted traffic area. Your GPS may not be up to date, so do pay attention to the new road signs or use Google Maps. The plan has already provoked a steady stream of controversy: according to one it’s a blessing, according to another a curse.

So what about our own Hotel Astoria? Well, we are in an excellent position, actually. Our hotel is just outside the border of the inner city, so the innovation of the circulation plan do not affect us negatively in the slightest. We are still within a stone’s throw of the major inroads into Ghent, and the main Ghent Sin-Pieters railway station is only a five minute walk from our hotel. In effect, this means we are now a great deal more accessible than the hotels in the city center.


On top of that, you can hop on a tram near the hotel that will take you to the old Medieval town in ten minutes time. If the weather is lovely, you can take a 25 minute walk, through the beautiful Citadel Park, then following the banks of the Leie river, to end up at the Veldstraat shopping street or the Kouter square.
You can also rent a bicycle for €10 with us and make it an active day. And in the meantime you can leave your car in our private parking at minimal cost.
So don’t hesitate and circulate on over to our website where you can book one of our 27 beautiful rooms in order to have a stress-free time in Ghent. Sounds like a plan!

In the Lair of the Dragons!

Whether they’re called Fafnir, Smaug or Hungarian Horntail, dragons are a fixture of legends and myth from all across the world. From December 2 2016 until May 28 2017 you can get more acquainted with these fabulous creatures in the Ghent City Museum STA.M, thanks to the exposition “Dragons”.

Dragons have different roles in different cultures. Some are intelligent, some are malevolent, some are lucky, some are gods, some are the devil. A dragon combines several characteristics, but did you know that most of these actually occur in nature, even breathing fire or sporting multiple heads?
The exhibition “Dragons at the STA.M” (Bijlokesite, Godshuizenlaan 2) features an overview of beautiful historical artifacts, legends from all across the world, links to our modern world and strange, embalmed animals. There’s even a dragon’s skeleton, which was especially assembled for this exhibition.


For the youngest visitors (ages 6 and up) there’s the audio guide “Drakonia” (a story full of sound effects, emotions and humor), and there are dragon rooms for reading, looking, building and playing. There are also guided tours for everybody on February 18 and 19, March 19, April 16 and May 21.


And of course no dragonish visit to Ghent would be complete without a look at our most famous inhabitant: the golden dragon which has crowned the spire of our belfry since 1377. Legend has it that this monster was once defeated with the help of courageous soldiers from Ghent after it had abducted the daughter of count Baldwin IX. You can buy a combi-ticket at the STA.M for both the exhibition and the belfry. For more information click here.
A real dragon slayer needs his castle to sleep in, and to that end we would like to bid you welcome to Hotel Astoria. We may not have ramparts or towers, but we can still give you a royal welcome.

Cocktails in Ghent

A taste of Ghent? Perhaps you’re thinking of our famous “stoverij” stew, the “neuzen” candy or the “mastellen” buns? Well, how about a cocktail instead? Ghent is quickly gaining a reputation as the city of cocktails. As a critic of the magazine Culinary Ambiance pointed out: you won’t find such a concentration of high quality cocktail bars even in London or Paris. Let’s look at a small selection of what’s on offer.

Pony’s ligt een beetje apart van de rest, in Nieuwe Wandeling 62 (jawel, niet zo ver van de befaamde Gentse gevangenis!). Pony’s is het kleine broertje van cocktailbar Jigger’s (zie verder) en serveert een selectie van enkele van hun bekendste cocktails, samen met speciale bieren, huisgemaakte cider en bijzondere frisdrankjes. Jigger’s zelf, voluit Jigger’s The Noble Drugstore (Oudburg 16), staat te boek als de beste cocktailbar van het land en eindigde vorig jaar zelfs op de 88ste plaats van de beste bars ter wereld. Het schitterende interieur is gebaseerd op de “speakeasies” uit de periode van de Amerikaanse Drooglegging. Elke week staan er vijf nieuwe cocktails op de kaart.
Verdoken in een keldergewelf naast een hoedenwinkel zit Old Fashioned (Hoogpoort 19), een sfeervolle bar in Roaring Twenties stijl met een indrukwekkend gesnorde uitbater. Naast de cocktails is hun specialiteit absint, de groene fee onder de drankjes. In 2015 werden ze verkozen tot beste cocktailbar van België in de invloedrijke Venuez-wedstrijd. Wil je in deze koude tijden misschien eerder iets exotisch opzoeken? Dan kun je terecht in The Drifter (Oudburg 47), een rasechte Tiki-bar in hartje Gent, met tropische cocktails gebaseerd op rum (en met Indiana Jones-muziek op de achtergrond).


Wil je dat natje toch combineren met een droogje. Dan is er nog Uncle Babe’s Burger & Bar (Sluizekensstraat 2). Uncle Babe’s serveert overheerlijke verse hamburgers, en heeft een ruime keuze aan cocktails (meestal gebaseerd op bourbon of mescal) en Amerikaanse artisanale bieren.
Aan het einde van deze rijk overgoten tocht kun je tot rust komen in ons vertrouwde Hotel Astoria, om hopelijk weer fris op te staan.

Tomorrow’s Ghent: A Glimpse Of Where We’re Going

A city is a bit like a living being. Ghent changes and grows continually, available space becomes more scarce. How do we deal with that? What are the dreams and ideals for the Ghent of tomorrow? The exhibition “A Glimpse Of Where We’re Going” in the Ghent City Museum STA.M. (Bijlokesite, Godshuizenlaan 2) tries to answer these questions between October 23 2016 and May 7 2017.


Artist Elly Van Eeghem invited more than thirty creative people from different disciplines for this exhibition: artists and scientists, developers and town planners. What is their vision for the future? The answers they give are sometimes utopian and sometimes dystopian, sometimes concrete and sometimes abstract, sometimes an indictment and sometimes a dearest wish. The end result relates the possible future history, not only of Ghent, but of cities the world over.


And just like the city itself, this exhibition doesn’t remain the same, but keeps growing throughout its allotted time, with new salons and workshops added regularly. You can find more information on the website of the STA.M.
Our trusted Hotel Astoria is within walking distance of the STA.M. Today or tomorrow, we welcome you any day.


The MSK surprises us this year with a new impressive exposition. Two artists who critic violence through different media will be brought together in the newly established Drawings Cabinet. The exhibition Eyewitness links the social criticism of the Spanish artist Francisco Goya (1746-1828) to the social commitment of the Iranian artist Farideh Lashai (1944-2013), in a shared indictment against violence and oppression.

In 2015, the MSK acquired a copy of Los Desastres de la Guerra (The Disasters of War) by Francisco Goya. This series of engravings depicting the horrors of war was created between 1810 and 1820, during the Spanish War of Independence against the Napoleonic occupation. It was never shown by Goya during his lifetime. Working in an era of war and oppression, Goya explicitly broke away from the bombastic rhetoric of classical painting: instead of glorious heroes he depicted ordinary citizens struggling to survive during the war. The cycle is considered a universal indictment against all forms of violence.

The Iranian artist and writer Farideh Lashai also worked in a time of conflict and oppression. In her drawings and prints, she combined the picturesque landscapes of her homeland with the techniques of contemporary art. For her last work, When I Count, There Are Only You ... But When I Look, There Is Only a Shadow (2011-2013), Lashai united Goya’s Desastres with her own video projections. In her subtle but subversive video installations, she takes a critical look at the political situation and difficult living conditions in Iran. For this reason, her oeuvre remains of great contemporary relevance.


In Eyewitness, the MSK demonstrates how the past and present are intimately intertwined. Born almost exactly 200 years apart, Goya and Lashai were chroniclers of the conflicts in their respective countries. Both experienced radical social upheavals and were forced to work in periods of repression and censorship. They both used art, and even humour, to take their own unique stands against the injustices that they witnessed.

This exposition fits perfectly in the greater message the MSK wants to bring to its visitors. Through a clear comprehension of the past visitors are encouraged to be part of positive change today. A message that’s already brought to us 200 years ago by the Goya, inherited by Lashai and still remarkably present today.

The exposition runs until the 7th of May and is a unique chance to watch these breath-taking works of art. As a classy hotel, located in the art district and on walking distance of the MSK, a stay in Hotel Astoria could complete the experience. Combine a visit of the museum with a stress-free stay in the beautiful environment of Ghent. The rustic sphere of Hotel Astoria and the very personal approach of the staff will take care of the rest.


For practical information on the exposition, click here.
For the cheapest price in Hotel Astoria, click here.

Ghent hotspot: Walking with Belmodo App

Discover a new way to explore Ghent! Thanks to Belmodo Hotspots App you have the best Belgian addresses always at hand.

Belmodo and Visit Flanders proudly present the long-awaited Belmodo Hotspots App. Through this app, you do not longer have to search various websites looking for suitable lunch spots or unmissable sights. All these addresses in our Flemish cities are now gathered in one app. With the app you can conveniently go looking for hotspots that interest you through the different sections fashion, beauty, coffee, deco, drinks, food and sleep. Moreover, you can save your favorite hotspots thanks to the like button and thus draw up your own list of favorites.


The Belmodo App also lets you discover new places in addition to the classic sights. Take a tour through Ghent and stroll through this vibrant city along the various recommended addresses or simply Join the “Gentenaar” on a summer day with a drink at the Graslei and Korenmarkt. End this beautiful day at Astoria Hotel to rest up for another day full of extraordinary experiences in Ghent.
Welcome to the planet of the Apps! Let’s go through a small selection of what are some of the coolest spots in Ghent, according to the Belmodo.
Let’s start with some footwear for our walk. In Dope (Onderbergen 74) you’ll find a diverse range of sneakers, from classically white to eccentric using pony hair. On the other hand you’ll find exclusive labels of shoes and handbags at Rio (Lange Kruisstraat 23), labels such as Givenchy or Stella McCartney. Shoes, handbags and other accessories by prestigious fashion designers are also available at Sevens (Henegouwenstraat 34-38).


You can complete your outfit at fashion house A Suivre (Brabantdam 27), a beautiful stores full of women’s clothing by international labels such as Phillip Lim and J-Brand. Oorcussen (Vrijdagmarkt 17) presents major names such as Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens in a splendid 17th century house. Respectively in Vlaanderenstraat 11 and 51 you’ll find Sprezzatura Men and Sprezzatura Women, casual yet chic clothing for him and her. Men and women can also feel their fashion sense tingling at Rewind (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 13). In concept store L’AmuZette (Krommewal 2) you can shop for clothing, accessories, vintage and design items, but also for books and children’s items. You can even still your hunger with delicious tapas, lunch or a pie and coffee. Children’s clothing, colourful decorations and original toys are also available at Teddy (Afrikalaan 289E).
Treat yourself to just that little bit of extra at Fin du Jour (Vlaanderenstraat 80), a treasure trove of beauty products, featuring some of the leading labels. Or do you prefer a makeover for your house? Then head to Bliss (Brabantdam 56) for design and deco items.


Feeling a bit hungry after all that shopping? At Moor&Moor (Jakobijnenstraat 7) you can eat healthy local produce in this combination food store/ brunch restaurant. Le Botaniste (Hoornstraat 13) serves food straight out of nature’s kitchen with their vegetarian cuisine. For delicious fresh soup and tasty salads Soup+ (Lammerstraat 33) is the place to be.


Let’s end with a steaming cup of coffee or a fresh drink. Coffee house Bar Bidon (Bisdomkaai 25) offers you a foaming cappuccino or a savoury lunch, and also double as a bicycle shop. Jigger’s The Noble Drugstore (Oudburg 16) is the only Belgian elect on the list of the hundred best cocktail bars in the world, and now also has its own pub, De Ganzerik (Druifstraat 29). And in the Groenevalleipark (Nieuwe Wandeling 62) you’ll find WATT, a unique sleep-, eat-, drink- and shop-concept with something different on every floor.
This is just a small selection of Ghent’s cool spots according to Belmodo. Be sure to go out on a shopping expedition of your own in our fair city, using this App as your guide. And if you finally feel like dropping after all that shopping, check in at our trusted Hotel Astoria to rest up.

Delicious breakfast pastries, now also gluten-free

For some time now Hotel Astoria has been offering a gluten-free alternative for our breakfast bread rolls. But, as the saying goes, man does not live on bread alone. From now on you can enjoy a selection of tasty gluten-free pastries along with our well-stocked breakfast buffet.
The idea is simple: we strive to offer people with allergies an equal variety at the breakfast table, since our breakfast is on of Hotel Astoria’s strongest points.


Be advised: since we want to make sure that our products are fresh, we ask you to request these gluten-free pastries in advance during your reservation. When you reserve a room here, you will be able to fill in a field “remarks” in which you can fill in this question. We wish you to enjoy a delicious breakfast!

Shopping Sundays in Ghent

In the Netherlands it has been a tradition for many years now, but in Belgium it’s still a relatively new phenomenon: the Shopping Sundays. This winter Ghent will see its first four editions. Then, from March unwards, there will be fixed opening hours on each first Sunday of the month.

On December the 4th , 11th and 18th and on January 8th shops in Ghent’s inner city will be open for the Shopping Sundays. A perfect time to do some Christmas shopping. And if it all becomes a bit “last minute”, then you can still shop during the evening of December 23th. The fourth Shopping Sunday on January 8 is in the middle of the sales season, which runs from January 8 to 31 2017.
From March 5th 2017 onwards, shops in the city centre of Ghent will open during each first Sunday of the month. All participating shops can be recognised by their window banners.
Shop & Hop – a service for handsfree shopping – fits perfectly in the concept of comfortable and carefree shopping on Sunday in the city of Ghent.
And if you feel like dropping after all that shopping, our steadfast Hotel Astoria is there to receive you! If you bought too much, then you can always book a second room.

City Card Ghent All-in: Experience Ghent in full

Are you eager to really get to know the city of Jacob Artevelde? Are you fond of the different museums in Gent, do you feel like visiting its monuments or do you prefer a roundabout on the internal waterways of the city? In that case, the All-in City Card is an ideal solution for you!

The City Card Ghent is a profitable all-in entrance card that gives you access to all important monuments, museums and attractions in Ghent. You can also use it to make a guided tour by boat, or to travel by the city busses and trams of ‘De Lijn’ in Ghent. With tramline 1, the museum line as it were, you cross the historical inner city of Ghent and can easily reach the different museums and places of interest. You can also rent a bike for 1 day with the card or sail along with the “hop on hop off” water tram for one day (the latter solely from April 1st until November 1st, on Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 until 18.30)

With the City Card you can also inspect the restoration of the Lam Gods from nearby, both the tryptic and the panel which has been restored in the MSK, as well as the exposition in the ‘Caermersklooster’. The STAM, MSK, S.M.A.K., and Caermersklooster are accessible to wheelchair users, their attendants can visit the museum for free


Buying a City Card includes a handy little user guide which tells you where you need to be and how to reach it within the city of Ghent. All the information available at your fingertips.

To use this all-in packet you only pay 30 or 35 euro, depending on whether you want to discover the city for 48 or 72 hours. In the low season (November-March) you save almost € 15.00, in the high season over € 20. For children under the age of 12 most of the museums are free, so a City Card is unnecessary.


At every entrance the card is checked, except on tram and bus. Therefore you have to fill in a start date on the back of the card and show it to the driver.
More information on the city card and the participating museums and attractions you can find here. The museum tramline 1 also brings you close to Hotel Astoria, the ideal location to cool down from all that urban beauty. The City Card is also available at our reception.

TripAdvisor reward: Certificat of Excellence 2015

We are proud to announce that again this year our hotel is in the top 10 of all Ghent Hotels on TripAdvisor!

This morning we received our "Certificat of Excellence 2015".
Thank you to all TripAdvisor users that reviewed us!

Hotel Astoria, the centre of Flanders

The location of the city of Ghent, and of Hotel Astoria in particular, forms the perfect starting point to discover Flanders. The station of Ghent-Sint-Pieters is a 7-minute walk and is the gathering place for more than 100 trains, trams and buses departing every day to different destinations. Those who prefer not to walk to the station, can take tram 4 right next to the hotel which brings you in one stop in front of the station.
If you have fallen in love with the city of Ghent then a day pass is a must-have! With a day pass you can make use of all the buses and trams of De Lijn in Flanders. It costs €5 and it will become your best travel companion. If you are staying longer you can also by a three-day, five-day and seven-day pass. The day passes and 10-ride tickets are available at the hotel.


With 6 trains every hour you are in about 30 minutes in the medieval city of Bruges. A return ticket costs € 13 and is valid for one day. From the station of Bruges it’s a 20 minute walk along the Albert I park and the new concert hall to reach the historic heart of the city. Again, the day pass is valid and you can easily reach the centre by bus as well.

A bit further away you find the vibrant city of Antwerp! Three times an hour a train leaves from Gent-Sint-Pieters to bring you to Antwerp Central in one hour. A return ticket costs just under € 19 and the train stops at the beginning of the biggest shopping streets, Keyserlei and Meir, the diamond district and the Zoo. At the Franklin Rooseveltplaats dozens of buses stop to bring you, using the same day pass, to every corner of the city.

We end with the capital of Belgium, also the capital of Europe, which cannot be left out. Almost every 10 minutes a train goes from Ghent to Brussels, but there must be a number of things taken in consideration: do not travel at peak times for 9 am and between 16 pm and 18 pm, choose for the train with the least stops, which takes only 36 minutes. Brussels Central station is the closest to the main attractions and ensures you that you won’t need to use public transport. Unlike Flanders, the MIVB is responsible for all public transport, making a day pass from Ghent not valid.

Ghent restaurants join forces in an attempt to fight food waste

Earlier this week the city of Gent launched an initiative to fight food waste. 40 restaurants joined this project whereby customers can ask for their leftover food to be packed in a recyclable cardboard box. Some of these restaurants are within walking distance of our hotel. Still a bit peckish late at night? You can now enjoy your delicious leftovers in the comfort of your room.

CSI Gent instead of CSI Miami

You don’t want to discover Ghent with a traditional walking tour? Can it be a little more original, active, child friendly?
Fancy playing in a police series with friends or family? And would you rather be the good or the bad guy? Than the GPS game The Target is definitely something for you: suspense, action, strategic thinking and teamwork with the historic centre Gent as your playground. And afterwards you can chill at Hotel Astoria. You find more info on The Target.

Looking for an original gift?

Looking for a nice gift, or an indulging stay without a reason?
Sleeping and Wellness from €103 per person (rates are valid by 2 persons per room)

Book here!

In the footsteps of one of our guests

At the end of February, one of our guests visited our beautiful city. This resulted in some very nice pictures which we gladly share with you.
Are you in the mood for a brisk morning walk before breakfast? Or do you feel like putting your running shoes on? Or just enjoy the sun on a bench? This is all possible in the beautiful Citadel Park, one block away from our hotel.

34352_Indevoetsporenvanonzegasten1.jpg 34353_Indevoetsporenvanonzegasten2.jpg

The Mistic Lamb is not present at the moment because of a major restoration, but the Saint Bavo Cathedral remains a beautiful, peaceful place with lots of treasures. You should certainly take a look inside!


Got hungry from all that action, looking and admiring? Enjoy a delicious hot waffle!


If you feel like discovering our city as well, feel welcome in our hotel where you can enjoy our delicious breakfast with lots of homemade goodies! @ Hotel Astoria



Famous Ghent actors trick tourists in Ghent

The tourist office in Ghent launched a new campagn to promote Ghent as a superb city trip.

In eight short movies, a few famous actors make jokes with a group of tourists that visit Ghent. Below you can find some examples !

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