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The Museum of Crime: a criminally good exposition!

From Sherlock Holmes’ cigarette buds to theblood-spattered fabrics of NCIS, physical evidence has been the backbone of criminal investigations for the last century. Since the 1930s ghent’s judicial police has kept a vast collection of photos, objects and files which have contributed to the solving of various crimes.This collection, nicknamed “the museum of crim”, was never accessible to a general audience, but could only be viewed by agents in training or on special invitation.

The city museum STAM now was given access to 9 decades worth of material and distilled it into the exposition “The Museum of Crime”, from October 26 2018 till 2nd of June 2019. Mug shots or criminals, kits for assembling composite portraits, murder weapons, suspects’ fingerprints, rat poison in the tea… all are on public display.


The expo also reviews the history of the Ghent judicial police: its inception, its investigation methods throughout the years and how it assembled and displayed its collection. You also get an idea of how the idea of what constitutes a cime has changed over the century. Who still balks at the so-called “indecent photographs” of yesteryear?


You can visit the expo at your own leisure, but there are also guided tours every third Sunday of the month. During the expo you can also attend lectures on the theme of “living with crime”, and there’s a selection of crime movies at the KASKcinema.


More info on the exposition can be found here. If after that you’re looking for a safe haven, you can book a room at our comfortable hotel Astoria. Who knows, we may even let you out on good behavior.
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