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Long live the music!

“Bit by bit it comes back to him. A bunch of Belgian businessmen and a strange drinking game. Oh God, why?” Alright, so there aren’t that many songs or lyrics in English about Belgium or the Netherlands, but popular music in the Dutch language does have a long and respectable tradition. If you want to explore that heritage, you are welcome at “Long live the music” in Ghent’s Saint-Peter’s Abbey between October 5th 2018 and June 9th 2019.

“Long live the music is a wondrous journey through 60 years of Dutch and Flemish popular music. The pioneering days of early crooners like Will Tura. The turbulant sixties with protest singers Boudewijn De Groot and Walter De Buck. The seventies with the kitsch of Eddy Wally and the rawness of Raymond van het Groenewoud. The eighties and the teenage mania surrounding Doe Maar and Clouseau. The hardrocking nineties with Gorki and Noordkaap. All the way up to the present day hit parades, where De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig replies “Watskebeurt?” to K3’s “Oya Lélé”. From folk to hip hop, from torch song to hardrock.


The expo showcases an excellent selection of collection pieces of the musical heroes of the Low Countries. Visitors can listen and sing along, or partake in a musical quiz. Belgian pop connaisseur Jan Delvaux relates remarkable anecdotes and you can watch memorable tv fragments. Fab!


More information on the expo can be found here (Dutch only). Our trusted hotel Astoria is only 10 minutes walking distance from the Saint-Peter’s Abbey, so you can rest easily after your musical adventures. And our breakfast will make you say “Let’s jam!”
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