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This charming hotel located in the art district of Ghent is one of a very few family-run hotels. The Astoria Hotel has 27 stylishly decorated rooms with all modern amenities. In the morning, you can enjoy an extensive and fresh breakfast buffet, with homemade products. Visitors are guaranteed cosiness, warmth, charm and an eye for detail. At your arrival we inform you about Ghent in order to give you a feeling of "welcome home".
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Car traffic in Ghent’s inner city: the low emission zone is coming!Flanders has always been a focal point for traffic on the European continent. In modern times this hasn’t always been positive for our air quality. To make the Flemish cities healthier to live by reducing carbon emissions, the government is currently introducing low emission zones. Especially older cars, which no longer live up to certain European norms, may therefor be prohoibited from entering the city centre. In Ghent this low emission zone goes into effect in 2020.

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The World’s Fair in Ghent of 1913: now in 3D106 years ago Ghent was the location of the World’s Fair. These fairs were a product of the 19th century: the industrial society wanted to show off its new technologies and convince the public at large of the benefits of progress. In Ghent the exposition was held on the terrains of the Sint-Pieters-Aalswijk neighbourhood, close to the Sint-Pieters railway station.

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